Who I Am

Bernardo Sim tells the truth through suspended realities. A writer, poet, lyricist, and producer who has worked in marketing and entertainment, he has traveled the world learning how cultures connect differently through art and technology. His experiences took him a long way from Manaus, Brazil, an exceptional metropolis inside the Amazon forest, where his life began. He seeks to understand human behavior and world building, and is fascinated by the idea of reawakening the quality of communication in the digital age, while being aware that our coexistence with technology must find its truth in human emotions.

Bernardo Sim is an entertainment producer who has worked in a variety of mediums. He has written lyrics for songs that topped iTunes Brazil’s music charts, produced music videos for American and International artists, conducted interviews with best-selling chart-topping pop stars and rocks bands, expanded social media-based Internet startups, and created lectures and visual presentations for business and marketing. A recent graduate of Full Sail University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment and Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business programs, he is currently working on several exciting projects, including his first novel.

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Marketing, Entertainment & Technology


Entertainment Business Bachelor of Science (May, 2012) from Full Sail University, in Winter Park, FL.

Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor of Fine Arts (May, 2014) from Full Sail University, in Winter Park, FL.


Global Young Leaders Conference (July, 2009) in Austria (Vienna and Salzburg), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest) and Germany (Munique).

EcoConference (September, 2009) in Brazil (Manaus).

International Scholar Laureate Program (June, 2011) in China (Beijing, Xi’An, and Shanghai) and Hong Kong.